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VTxBTS Think Your Teeth Jumbo Kit black

Toothbrush 1pc + Toothpaste 50g + Photo card 7pcs

VT collaborates with global K-Pop group BTS.

Environmentally-friendly toothbrush has a soft texture and comes with a jasmine-scented toothpaste that leaves a clean and refreshing feeling after use.

VT Jumbo Toothbrush : Ergonomic handle design offers a stable and comfortable grip. Non-GMO cornstarch handle. Slim bristle tips allows you to clean deeply yet gently. A toothbrush that not only cleans teeth but provides better oral care. Prevents gum injury. Maximum Refreshing feeling.

VT Jasmine Mint flavor Toothpaste : Formulated with natural ingredients like aloe extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, carrot extract and calendula extract token breath fresh and maintain oral health. Formulated with 905ppm of fluoride to keep teeth healthy and clean. EWG Level 1 Glucoyl Stevia is used to provide a naturally sweet flavor. Ecocert certified organic ingredients. Herbal recipes toothpaste without harmful ingredients. Contains No paraben, No Benzoic acid, No saccharin, No artificial colorings, No plastic, No animal-derived ingredients, No petroleum or mineral oil.

Seven photo cards of BTS members included.

EUR 19.50



Korean beauty brand VT was originally founded in 2010 by Gonsen Inc. as an oral care brand. Since then, VT has expanded into skin care and makeup products. The brand embraces simplicity while emphasizing natural ingredients, and dermatological research and development. All products are manufactured in Korea.

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